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According to it seems that there is a version of fcron available for 11.10, but reffering to it seems that fcron was removed from the repos. Also I cant find it in synaptics.

Is there an easy way to install fcron side by side with cron via PPA? If possible I would be happy if I could avoid selfcompiling it.

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according to this page - upstream abandoned the project... hence why it was deleted from the repos. – fossfreedom Jan 2 '12 at 20:27
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The User fossfreedom mentioned in a comment a link to launchpad.

In this link is a statement that the fcron project is not under developement any more, also the homepage of fcron itself shows that there was no release since May 2010, also there was a gap of three years to the release before.

I could not find a quick way to contact the developement team to ask if the project is really abondoned, so I assume it is and try to live with cron until I find another solution.

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There is again activity on the fcron website.

03/03/2013  fcron 3.1.2 released
01/01/2013  fcron 3.1.1 released
12/19/2012  fcron 3.1.0 released
12/05/2012  fcron git repository
04/05/2010  fcron 3.0.6 released

The author, Thibault Godouet, can be reached on the development mailing list:, or at his personal email address: Developers usually prefer a mailing list.

I will reach out and try to contact the author, to ask him to put it back into Debian. Once it's in Debian, it will eventually end up in Ubuntu too.

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