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I don't use gwibber at all but when I go to remove gwibber-service it wants to remove indicator-me. I still use empathy so I like the indicator being in place. Is there any way to have this removed and why does it want to remove this?

--indicator-me is the indicator where you can change your online availability and access Ubuntu one

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The package indicator-me depends on the package libgwibber0 which depends on the package gwibber-service. You can't remove gwibber-service without removing libgwibber0 and indicator-me.

You can, however, remove gwibber-service from your startup applications (System->Preferences->Startup Applications) so that it doesn't sit there using resources. You will find that the broadcast text box disappears when gwibber-service isn't running.

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In the second part, if you talk about the Broadcast section in the messaging menu, that one is still there for me, even though gwibber-service is not running... – Christoph Nov 5 '11 at 12:19

As stated in this answer, the indicator-me package depends on libgwibber0 which depends on gwibber-service.

The reason that indicator-me has a dependency on libgwibber0 is because indicator-me uses libgwibber0 to provide the inline “social broadcast” posting input box.

The reason why libgwibber0 has a dependency on gwibber-service is that libgwibber0 is an library for interacting with gwibber-service - since it doesn't do anything without a running gwibber-service, the package correctly states the dependency.

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Tracking the apt dependencies backwards is harder than it should be (or harder than I know). Looking at the (excerpted) output there seems an odd dependency:

$ dpkg -I libgwibber0_0.0.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb 
 Package: libgwibber0
 Source: libgwibber
 Version: 0.0.6-0ubuntu1
 Depends: ... gwibber-service (>= 2.31.1)
 Description: Gwibber - shared library
  libgwibber provides a library for accessing social networks via
  This package contains shared libraries to be used by applications.

The odd dependency is that a library used by a service doesn't seem like it should depend on that service to be present. But I am not a package expert

If you don't have the .deb file hanging around,

sudo apt-get  install --download-only --reinstall libgwibber0

is a convenient way to populate /var/cache/apt/archvies/libgwibber0* without doing anything else.

Rather than kill the package (which could have bad effect for other users) just tell Gnome that you don't want it to run for you

gconftool-2 --set /apps/gwibber/preferences/autostart --type bool false
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