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I'm building a "generic configuration script" for our ubuntu installations.

Coming to firefox there are some cool extensions I wish everyone to have (firebug, elasticfox-ec2tag and co...).

How can I have these extensions installed automatically into the firefox profile?

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See this page, in particular:

If you want to do a silent administrative install that immediately makes the extension available to limited users, you need to uncompress the .xpi file yourself (as a ZIP file) to an appropriately named (extension's ID) folder. On Linux/Unix platforms you can use a helper script to determine extension IDs in an automated fashion.

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Tried it and got very strange results. Some extensions managed to install but I had to confirm them in firefox. Some showed as disabled but I couldn't enabled them. And some just got ignored altogether. I think that the process outlined in the linked is outdated for the current version of firefox. – Maxim Veksler Jan 3 '12 at 19:23

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