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My computers's processor is Pentium 4. Speed 3 GH RAM 512 MB My computer's OS is Ubuntu 11.10

My modem is Tata Photon Whiz which works as a modem in addition to a storage deice in Wndows XP; but whenever I connect it in Ubuntu 11.10, it is detected only as a storage device in stead of a modem. Please help me as I am very much desperate to use internet in Ubuntu.

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Don't know if you got your answer, but I got a couple of these devices (was some time ago, do not remember makes/models) working OK in 11.10 and 12.04 via a script called Sakis3G.

Sakis3G knows how to switch dongles' modes (mass storeage to modem).

You can read about and get it here.

It takes care of most dongles by itself (no config needed), has a nice UI and... works. You could/should be asked for your password as some work is done as root in the script.

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Many such devices have both and use the storage part to hold Windows drivers for the modem part. The device takes a command to switch between modes. The usb-modeswitch package has the program and the database of commands to use for switching known devices. Whether or not your particular device is supported I couldn't say. Install usb-modeswitch if it's not already, and then open a terminal and type man usb-modeswitch for instructions on how to use it.

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Tata Photon modems are both USB Modems as well as microSD readers;

  • Check whether there is any microSD card inserted into the modem.
  • Still If you see the modem as storage device, unmount that drive.
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