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I am running a wubi installation of ubuntu 11.10 64 bit and every hour or so there is a random burst of activity where the CPU is at 100% and I have trouble just browsing on firefox. This can last from a minute to five minutes and makes my CPU really hot. I took a htop screenshot when one of these bursts happened and it looks like the culprit is mount.

So, what the hell is mount doing that needs so much CPU attention and how do I stop it?

enter image description here

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if it runs every hour, then it is probably a cron job, try taking a look at the jobs in


The cause may well be indirect, mount could be triggered by all sorts of things, like udev rules firing for whatever reason. If it is trying to mount an unclean filesystem it will have to do quite a bit of work to check it first. If you never want to mount this partition from linux, you should probably ignore it in your /etc/fstab

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