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I'm using oneiric with unity. I want to find a solution to automatically save the state of my virtualbox virtual machine before I logout or shutdown because I always forget to do it manually. I know I can use Vboxmanage controlvm [vmname] savestate to save state in terminal. But how do I make ubuntu execute this command before logging out?

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You can add the Vboxmanage command to your ~/.bash_logout file and it will execute upon the logoff event.

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Will this run automatically when logging out of an X session? I think, at least, that X will be closed, taking VirtualBox with it, before ~/.bash_logout would be executed. The best answer is for them to implement virtualbox.org/ticket/1888 so VBox will do it automatically. In the meantime, perhaps something like ~/.kde/shutdown, or whatever your DE provides, would help by running when you log out of your X session. –  blujay Aug 30 '12 at 15:00

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