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Possible Duplicate:
How to roll back Ubuntu to a previous version?

I grub xp, ubuntu and 2 puppys (one ram and one encrypted) I upgraded to 11.10 and now I have ubuntu and xp only. I can probably fix this but it is a time consumer. It seems to me that 11.10 is MUCH slower on boot up and shut down than 11.04. I should know better than to fix something that isn't broken. Is there a way to undo the upgrade to 11.10 without re-install? Thanks not complaining -just thankful for the windows exscape you guys offer.

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I suppose, if startup and shutdown times are your problem, you could try Unity 2D for a bit more speed. – TomAwezome Dec 31 '11 at 18:59

Downgrading doesn't fix the booting options. The problem is that the GRUB settings have been changed by the install script. Can be fixed with this: Other Linux Distros deleting Ubuntu from GRUB

You can use the Unity2D or Gnome classic shell How to revert to GNOME Classic?

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