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I have tried 11.10 in the past and the wireless was not fixed. Can someone please answer me a simple question and let me know when my Acer ZG8 will be able to run normally without a ton of command line functions.

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difficult to say really - what is your wireless card? lshw -class network - have you tried booting from a live usb/cd to check compatibility? – fossfreedom Dec 30 '11 at 18:53

Try using a LIVE USB/CD/DVD version of the Ubuntu distro you want to test. If your wireless works using a Live USB/CD/DVD you should be fine once you upgrade.

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I have done that, didn't work – Seth Boyer Dec 31 '11 at 19:33

The problem I recently had with a solution ManyRoads gave was that Live CD version couldn't install driver for my wifi card by default- it had to be enabled with Additional Drivers in Preferences section in main menu. I could try to enable it but it needed... internet connection to download that driver first;) Connecting to router directly with LAN cable solved the problem. Maybe that helps...

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