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Rhythmbox works fine, but sometimes certain tracks won't be played; sometimes when certain tracks are played all I hear is static/cracking sound with basically no sound at all.

If I restart rhythmbox and play the same song/s again, they will play fine (No static).

Any ideas?

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I had a similar problem on 9.10. I tried changing it to ALSA and OSS. But it didnt help. Now, I know you want to resolve the Rhythmbox problem, but as an aside, I recommend using a different player. I liked exaile, which has a very Amarok-ish flavour. sudo apt-get install exaile Sorry, couldn't be of more help. – theTuxRacer Jan 15 '11 at 0:35
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I think it's crossfading.

See if it's turned on in your preferences, I was having the exact same problem.

If it is turned on, turn it off and then restart Rhythmbox.

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I've logged a bug, it's seems the right thing to do, I've seen this issue around, if this bug affects anyone else, subscribe here:

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It's distortion that's coming from the volume conrol in Rhythmbox. Turn down the volume in the application and you're good to go!

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