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i have just upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 i had to go into settings i dont know what i have done but now i can only log in as a guest when i boot up i get the message "can't update ICE authority file. /HOME/PAUL/ICEauthority" Also when i try to get into the home folder i get "you dont have the authority to access this folder." what do i do to get into the home folder, i have the passsword but it wont give me permission as a guest but i cant log in as anyone else not even my own name

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possible duplicate of Error saying "unable to update ICE authority" while booting – Jorge Castro Dec 31 '11 at 19:19

Since you mention that no user accounts work, you will need to reset the administrator password from recovery mode. There is already an excellent Q&A describing this so I won't reiterate that here (see below).

When you have logged into the administrator account, you can reset the user ICE-Authority file as follows:

Open a terminal cd /home/[user account] where [user account] is the name of the account - for example paul

i.e. cd /home/paul


sudo chown paul:paul .ICEauthority
sudo chmod 0644 .ICEauthority

logout and then login to the paul account.

  1. Error saying "unable to update ICE authority" while booting
  2. How do I reset a lost Administrative(root) password?
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