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On 2 netbooks that have been upgraded to 11.10 and are set to auto login, I am finding that everything is running slow and kwin is at over 90% until I log out and log in again and re-enable desktop effects after which it is running properly again.

Also, when I log out, I have to log in twice as the first time it only gets to the 2nd icon before dumping me back to the login screen.

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I've got it working again with a combination of upgrading to KDE 4.8, adding the xorg-edgers PPA and disabling the "Use OpenGL 2 shaders" option.

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Have you tried the Kubuntu low-fat settings ?


:~$ apt-cache show kubuntu-low-fat-settings

Description: Default settings for Kubuntu Low Fat setups This package contains the settings used by Kubuntu low fat setups. Compared to the regular default settings, this package decativates a lot of non-essential features to gain additional system resources.

"Claydoh" is blogging here:

About the log-in-loop

If you add a new user and log in with it - does the new user have the same problem ?

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First, switch from OpenGL to XRender from the Desktop Effects settings. If that doesn't work, try sudo apt-get install kubuntu-low-fat-settings.

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