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I do not see Calendar tab in Thunderbird at all. I tried v8 and v10 beta but same issue. Please help resolve.

I have installed all addons as well, it was working for me when I was using TB 5.

Image showing no Calendar in New option
Click to open a full-resolution image.

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Well found the problem or atleast it is fixed now, installed xul-ext-lightning package and now things are working fine.

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You do have the correct Lightning Add on installed? For Thunderbird 8 this would be 1.0 which would not work in 10beta I believe.

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I have installed all the right lightning addons, and it doesn't complain saying it has compatibility issues. I did install the required lightning versions for each 8 and 10 but nothing :( – Madhava Dec 29 '11 at 9:45

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