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I am unable to connect to my BSNL broadband (wireless) from ubuntu11.10 .It attempts to connect but then shows "wireless network disconnected" . Though it connects automatically when I plug in the jack in the wired mode. I can also connect to other wireless networks elsewhere...The wireless connection works fine when I use Windows 7. Please help.

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Since BSNL is the state owned telecom provider in India, it provides both landline and mobile services. Usually BSNL broadband is associated with fixed-line services.

Its limited but I have a tutorial here

This may help for wireless connections

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Bsnl provides wireless also – Tachyons Apr 2 '12 at 18:02

There is another question where there are instruction on how to configure BSNL broadband wireless connection in Ubuntu 10.10; try to see if this solves your problem:

Connecting with a BSNL Broadband Internet

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Please try this

sudo lshw -C network
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