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My printer canonMP550 doesn't work with i7 x86 64bit under Ubuntu 11.10 with cups+Gutenprint2.5.7. What I found, is: in gutenprint it is translated into ip4000 only, but it belongs to the group ip4700, which is translated into ip4300 (parameter).

I tried to correct, read only, what to do?

Next is gutenprint uses cups 1.2, but installed is cups 1.5 , so instead system/library/ color sync/ ..... it is usr/share/color/icc/sRGB.icc.

So this seem to be real bugs, but Ii am new and need help to correct this staff!

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Trying to debug a Gutenprint driver (or any other printer driver) is not to be undertaken lightly...

However if you wish to work with the Cup developers the link that will help is:

As an alternative suggestion, can I suggest you delete the Gutenprint driver.

There is a good PPA that several Ask Ubuntu Q&As recommend.

It has updated Canon Printer drivers - my suggestion is to use that PPA. See the linked Q&A for installation instructions.

  1. How can I install a Canon Printer MP190 driver?
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Many thanks fossfreedom, now it is working. Only at 3. not the model but cnijfilter-mp550series! Also still in cups the button search for usable printers does find nothing, it is there under the button printer adjustable. – Marek Dec 29 '11 at 13:08
Last question: have i to do something to let the "cups-people" know of this bugs? Also i spent now nearly two days frust with this, i would like, if others could avoid that frust, – Marek Dec 29 '11 at 13:30
There is a whole bunch of stuff to read here as well as mailing lists you can post stuff to: – fossfreedom Dec 29 '11 at 14:50

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