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I have a windows server and all the clients are linux based(ubuntu 11.10),i want to set up group/domain policy on my network.

Please suggest anything other than likewise-open policy. How to apply group policy in local machine?

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You can use LDAP Authentication for setting users and policies for those users,

For more information check this

you can provide group policy in local machine using LDAP authentication

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You really need a third party solution to apply Win GPs to an Ubuntu system. Free solutions like Likewise Open and Centrify Express will apply the domain policies (e.g. enforce password policies, like after X invalid attempts lock out the AD account), but if you want a solution that for example does Gnome desktop configuration, you will need to go with a commercial solution such as Centrify DirectControl that can do Linux desktop lockdown via GPOs just like you would lock down a Windows desktop using GPOs, e.g.

Hope this helps


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