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I just installed the newest ubuntu, the 11.10 version. I was using mandriva and windows 7 ultimate. I dont know how to connect the laptop with the internet in the following ways. some one please help 1. tried to connect via bluetooth in my phone. I was using internet, using the same phone and connection, and laptop in mandriva 2. I have plugged in a wired connection. The system detects it, but dosent start a connection.

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1) If you have an Android device (from 2.2 or rooted 2.1), you can enable Wifi tethering and Ubuntu recognize it instantly; then you insert the shared password and you're done; if you want to connect exclusively by bluetooth, then you should take a look to these 2 offical guides:

If you have an iPhone, here is a program that lets you tether with it:

2) When you plug in a network cable connected to a router, Ubuntu recognize it without problems and you can browse the internet after less than one second; so I think this should be a problem with your router or external modem.

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