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How can i if possible disable the Run command dialog?. It keeps appearing even if i don't press the Key combination. ( I have disabled the Key combination ALT+f2)

Disable it as in prevent it from ever running again, EVER.

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You can disable the Run Command dialog by creating an custom definition in the file kdeglobal.

You can find the kdeglobals file under your home dir.

#cd  /your-home-dir/.kde/share/config

#vim kdeglobals

Add the entry like

[KDE Action Restrictions][$i]

Here is the help link for kde system admin

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Im running KDE at this momemnt, so cant tell you the exact steps,

you can find keyboard shortcuts menu in kde control center,

KDE Control Center -> Accessibility -> Keyboard Shortcuts ...

Try if you have can disable it from there.

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I have disabled it but keeps popping up. I also checked that my keyboard keys aren't stuck. – Uri Herrera Dec 28 '11 at 4:29

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