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In CCSM, there are a lot of different options for mouse button events:

enter image description here

There are basically twenty different mouse buttons registered for my touchpad, presumably. How can I test to see which buttons are which? Is there something I could use which will spit out what button number I've hit so I can see?

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It shows 20 buttons by default, which doesn't mean you actually can trigger 20 buttons.

To check which ones work, you can use the xev command. Type the command into a terminal, ensure the xev window has focus and then try your buttons:

enter image description here

Button numbers are shown as highlighted.

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+1, great answer! I just noticed button 7 appear in the terminal, but couldn't reproduce it. Is there a way I could find out what caused it? I noticed that pressing two buttons together could cause a new number to appear, but I can't get 7 again. – Hippo Dec 28 '11 at 5:27
certainly not with xev - I dont know of any other tool that will help. sorry. – fossfreedom Dec 29 '11 at 0:27

On touch pad,

Single tap             - Button1 (left click)
Two finger tap         - Button 3 (right click)
Two finger up swipe    - Button 4 (scroll)
Two finger down swipe  - Button 5(Scroll)
Two finger right swipe - Button 7(Horiz. scroll)
Two finger left swipe  - Button 6(Horiz. scroll)
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I find xinput a little more convenient than xev:

xinput test n

where n is your mouse's device number. To find that number, use

xinput list
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