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My company develops software with two sides: client and server. I've installed Microsoft SQL Server on Windows and am running the client side on Ubuntu with some configuration.

But I'm wondering: is there a way to run Ubuntu as the server instead and install SQL Server on it?

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You can certainly try the approach I will outline below but I don't know if anyone has tried it successfully.

  1. Install virtualization software on your Ubuntu machine (VMWare, Xen, VirtualBox).
  2. Install Microsoft Windows Server in the virtual machine.
  3. Install MS SQL Server on the newly installed Windows Server.

I don't know if any other way would work but people can correct me the MS SQL Server from what I can remember actually relies on Licensing for Microsoft Windows Server. On top of this SQLServer is a pretty bad resource hog so normally organizations try to segregate it from running with any other applications on it's own cluster or server.

One thing that I would question is why not try Sybase as the backend? The connectivity from Linux to SQLServer and Sybase can go through FreeTDS, which would look identical to your client software.

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Well this answer my question, thanks. I do not manage the database here we have a whole bunch of programmers, i'm working on the client side and we install both server AND client. I'm currently virtuallizing an ubuntu on my windows machine to run a bunch of test to see if ubuntu would work. With client yes. On server....not so well, since SQL would never work on Linux. Thanks for your answer – Jester Dec 27 '11 at 20:19

Microsoft has announced MSSQL Server for Linux. It is not generally available, but you can sign up for a private preview:

Please note that at this time, SQL Server on Linux is available on Ubuntu or as Docker image.

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And the download link? XD – Quijote Shin Mar 21 at 18:13
@QuijoteShin Private beta for now, but soon! – James Apr 2 at 3:11
So exited! hope you post it when ready on whatever social network you have! – Quijote Shin Apr 5 at 13:21

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