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Sound used to work in 10.4 But after an upgrade to 11.10 it won't work

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I am new to Ubuntu latest version 64 bit clean install. I had no sound for headphones. This is how I fixed it.

  1. left single click system settings (the icon looks like crescent-wrench in front of a gear)

  2. left single click sound.

  3. left single click hardware tab.

  4. Select internal audio (not digital stereo HDMI output; I have this HDMI choice because I hooked up front panel HD sound you may not have this choice. The bios to my E350on usb3 motherboard selects it as the default device for me) after selecting internal audio;

  5. single left click the arrow under Settings for the selected device. This arrow is just to the left of Test Speakers A drop down menu should appear then select Analog Stereo Output (not to be confused with Analog Stereo Input)

That is how I got sound to my headphones. Good luck.

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