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Since I downloaded Ubuntu One my side tab for Ubuntu Software Center is missing.

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Please Open your terminal (CTRL+Alt+T) and type software-center and hit the ENTER key. At your launcher right click the icon and select 'Keep in Launcher'.

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Check your /usr/share/applications and ~.local/share/applications folders for the file "ubuntu-software-center.desktop". If it does not exist, do the following in terminal:

gksu gedit

Type in your password, and paste the following into the text document:

[Desktop Entry]

Name=Ubuntu Software Center

GenericName=Software Center

Comment=Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for Ubuntu

Exec=/usr/bin/software-center %u








Save the file to either /usr/share/applications (recommended) or ~.local/share/applications. Then press Alt+F2 and type unity --replace.

Let us know if the file is back

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