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Can you help me? I want to make my flashdisk write protected. So no one can format my flashdisk because the data inside the flashdisk is important.

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If data is important you make a backup. If it is even more important you make 2 backups. And if it is very very important you also make sure the backup is never in the same place as the original. – Rinzwind Dec 26 '11 at 12:02
Listen to the words of Rinzwind, they are wise. – Sabacon Dec 26 '11 at 12:10

If you dont want someone to format your flashdisk then dont give them access to it. Even if your flashdisk has a hardware switch for write protection like SD-Card has, any one can easily use it to turn-off write protection. So your best bet is to keep your flash safe in your drawer and lock the drawer.

I would suggest you get your self some cloud storage and keep you important files there. There are free services available like DropBox.

And just for sake of information, here is a list of flashdrives with physical write protection buttons

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You cannot do that. At best, you can remove write permissions from files (at a filesystem level), so you cannot accidentally remove or overwrite the file.

I haven't seen write-protected USB Flash drives, but media like a SD card have such a protection switch. If the data is really important, make copies (backups) of the data and/ or store it on a SD card. After saving the changes and safely removing the media from your computer (Eject / Unmount), toggle the switch to make it read-only.

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