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I need to use pcf fonts but it seems that they are disabled now. I followed this thread without success. (both 70-yes-bitmaps.conf and -bitmaps)

The fonts are visible with xfontsel but the app can't see/use them. Any idea?

It used to work with Ubuntu 10.10 but I installed 11.10 now so I suspect GNOME 3 or Unity because there is no problem with KDE.

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Try linking to 70-force-bitmaps instead. 70-yes-bitmaps doesn't seem to have anything in it. (This is taken from your link.) This worked for me on Ubuntu 12.04.

The process is like this (Added by a user on 14.04)

sudo ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/70-force-bitmaps.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/
sudo unlink /etc/fonts/conf.d/70-no-bitmaps.conf # For disabling no-bitmap setting

Then do this to update settings

sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig
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