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I bought a new laptop with Amd A8 quadcore processor. It has duel graphics with an on board Ati Radeon HD6470M card and H6620G After a lot of effort I managed to install 11.10 by using F6 nomodeset. However installed ubuntu wont boot just going to black screen. These are the actions I have tried so far.

Taking out quietsplash, I tried nomodeset in my grub but only got to battery line.. have tried both 11.10 64bit and 32 bit on this samsung machine but have this boot issue after installation (11.10 32b currently installed). I could use a 10.04 CD which I have or download a another version if someone thinks it will work? Other things tried nomodeset xforcevesa and xforcevesa just gives purple screen followed by purple screen with 20% white virticle lines at top then goes to nothing only black screen and freeze.

I ran try cd with nomodeset now after lspci | grep VGA we have. 00:01.0 VGA compatable controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 9641 Then... 02:00.0 VGA compatable controller: ATI Technologies Inc NI Seymour [AMD Radeon H D 6470M].

This is a brand new Samsung 305V5A-s02 notebook which doesnt allow me to remove the extra graphics card.

If I try to run sudo apt-get install fglrx tells me unable to locate fglrx -installer

I ran startx and it tells me Failed to load fgirx (module does not exist,0)

I cant download the driver using wget so I downloaded the linux driver for my card from and put it onto a flash drive that I have formatted to FAT but cant seem to work out how to load it into ubuntu now as I thought that if I can manually install the driver maybe that would be a fix..

Someone told me that I cant use the ati driver telling me that " Your graphics card is not listed as supported here: " However I have seen questions where people have resolved the issue with the same card see How to install driver for AMD Radeon HD6470M.

I hear about open source too but I am not clear what and how that affects me.? I have a lot more info for what I have tried if someone is able to help and needs further info.

I believe that if ATI site gives me that linux driver for my card then it should be possible to fix ubuntu. Can someone explain how it works please and if I must accept that my laptop will only run in w7 or if there is a solution. Would it worth trying another OS like Mint etc if not? Thanks

Oh can someone tell me who to close previous questions as this one now is going to be the main one for now.

No resolved see installation of driver

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You should update your question instead of asking new ones! I'm going to close the other questions for you, please just add new information to this question in the future. Thank you :) – Stefano Palazzo Dec 23 '11 at 19:31

as I have a similar model, maybe the following report about installing Debian can help.

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@jrg Hi I have now resolved everything.. Did you get the problem due to switched graphics. Do you need any help? – Antony Jan 7 '12 at 19:06
@Antony nope, was just making the answer by aames better. :) – James Jan 7 '12 at 20:20
@jrg Ok wish I had met you 2 weeks ago :-) did you find an answer for the lockup when laptop goes into standy? – Antony Jan 7 '12 at 20:53
@Antony I haven't. I've been looking, but haven't found anything. :( – James Jan 7 '12 at 20:58
@jrg When did you install Ubuntu and how did you solve your problems? What other problems have you seen? – Antony Jan 8 '12 at 9:47

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