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I'm looking for a web spider for Ubuntu like this one Webripper - Calluna Software. You can download a whole site like you can with

wget -r -m

but the feature I'm looking for is you can input a search term like "Linux" and it searches the Web and downloads them. Are there any programs on Ubuntu like this?

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You could use Google Alerts to create a sort of search page delivered to a feed and then use an RSS reader or Thunderbird to read them.

I use Thunderbird for RSS. I don't know if there are any RSS readers who could export the feed to simple html.

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Give httrack (CLI) or webhttrack (web interface) a shot, it's in the universe repo. I'm not sure about the search-term-feature you describe, but it does offer a bunch of easily configurable options.

HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)

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You can give http ripper a try.

Here are some features posted on the website:

Free Software (GPL 3)
Generic (works with almost every website)
Runs on GNU/Linux and Windows
Nearly undetectable / blockable by servers
Built with python and pygtk Screen-shot

Watch a tutorial, from the developer of httpripper himself:

Download link:

It worked for me under Ubuntu 11.10 x64

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There are adequate modules at Perl's CPAN. You just need a little bit of perl scripting.

In particular, take a look at the WWW:Mechanize module at the WWW:Mechanize module.

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