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I recently installed keynav from the software center.

As per this question, I wanted to change the configuration of keynav so that I could use the arrow keys instead of using a mouse to navigate the mouse cursor.

However, keynav did not place the ~/.keynavrc file into my home directory (I have hidden files shown). Is anyone here familiar with this program, and how can I reconfigure the keynav keys?

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This question was solved by the OP:

You should find a sample .keynavrc already installed on your local system at /usr/share/doc/keynav/keynavrc

Alternatively, you can find one online at:

Copy the text. Open Gedit and paste the text. Save it as .keynavrc in your home directory (don't forget the " . " before the name

You can edit it to use the arrow keys as per this question answered by hugoheden. logout and login

It also helps to put keynav in your startup apps

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