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In Nautilus tree-view, pressing * (asterisk) expands the selected directory structure by ONE level.

Pressing * again will expand the structure by one more level.
...etc, etc, untl all levels are expanded.

Is there some way to expand ALL levels in just a single action?.

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Press and hold? – Oli Oct 22 '10 at 23:20
Yes, but it has its drawbacks... not that this issue is particularly critical :), but it may be a nicety.... Eg. it took two and a half minutes to log one directory (lots of files and directories) and it doesn't recognize type-ahead... I had to sit there pressing the * key the whole while, and the only way I knew(?) that it had finished was that I couldn't hear my hard-drive seeking any more :) ... and yes I do wonder if it is really of much value anyhow.. but you never know.. These unusual situatoons just come out of the blue sometimes.. (just wondering... it may come in handy. – Peter.O Oct 23 '10 at 0:05
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I'd suggest this is by design - if I click on File System then expand all branches this could take a huge amount of time, especially if I have NFS shares mounted, or similar. Or even worse - if I have a FUSE filesystem mounted, like sshfs, and Nautilus wants it to expand the entire subtree... not good.

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Yes, I must say that it did annoy me that Windows did a full expand (and ONLY that!) ... and it's great that Nautilus offers a single-level method... It's not exactly a mission critical option, so I'll just use repeated asterisks on the occasions I want to expand the full tree.. – Peter.O Oct 23 '10 at 1:59

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