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I added this connection via the wizard:

  • Connection name: movistar (I am in Spain)
  • Connect automatically: unchecked
  • IPv4 Settings tab:
    • method: automatic (PPP)
    • Addresses, DNS servers, Search domains: empty/grayed/disabled fields
    • Routes...: all empty
  • Mobile Broadband tab:
    • Number: *99#
    • Username: movistar
    • Password: movistar
    • APN:
    • Network ID: empty
    • Type: Any
    • Allow roaming if home network is not available: checked
    • PIN: 4 digits (triple checked)
  • PPP Settings:
    • Authentication: EAP, PAP, CHAP, MSCHAPv2, MSCHAP
    • Configure Methods: all checked
    • Use point-to-point encryption (MPPE): unchecked
    • Allow BSD data compression: checked
    • Allow Deflate data compression: checked
    • Use TCP header compression: checked
    • Send PPP echo packets: unchecked

In the connections systray widget, "Enable mobile broadband" is checked, when i click on "Movistar" in a couple of seconds a popup says: "Modem network: disconnected". It's my first time and the documentation is helpless. Any idea is welcome!

  • Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric.
  • Device is an Ubuntu-certified Vostro V131 laptop SIM card slot behind the battery: Bus 002 Device 007: ID 413c:818d Dell Computer Corp.
  • Provider is movistar.
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The simcard must first be activated.

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