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I'm using lubuntu Oneiric and (trying to use) a custom UK Dvorak keyboard layout. I edited (possibly not the best method, I know) the file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/gb to customise the UK version of Dvorak there in order to include some characters that I want to be able to use. The old version of Dvorak does not exist in that file anymore; I overwrote it (I did back it up in a separate folder). Upon startup, lubuntu somehow manages to load the old and supposedly non-existent version of UK Dvorak and not my customised layout. Using setxkbmap gb -variant dvorak also does not load my version. I'd like to point out that the file gb is not changed at startup and still always contains my layout.

Going onto LXKeymap in the lubuntu preferences tells me that my current keymap is gb(dvorak), as it should be. Clicking on English (UK, Dvorak) (in LXKeymap) and clicking Apply loads my version of the keyboard and then says that my current keymap is, surprisingly, gb(dvorak) again: that is, unchanged. If I then use setxkbmap gb -variant dvorak again, it reverts to the layout that shouldn't exist.

I do not understand what is happening. I would rather not have to open LXKeymap to change my layout at startup every time. What is LXKeymap doing that succeeds in changing my layout that setxkbmap is not? Furthermore, how is this phantom layout being used?

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