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Sometimes I get an errormessage that I want to ask about here, but the errormessages are in my locale language. Often this are not really reproducable, so that I cant switch to english and reproduce...

So how do I get the english version of that errormessage to ask a question about that problem here or can find answers?

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If nothing else, post the raw error message here with the best translation of the non-technical words. You can see if there is a LOCO near you, or try the appropriate #ubuntu channel – bodhi.zazen Dec 21 '11 at 18:28
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What I sometimes do is just paste the error-message in google + use the search term "translate launchpad" or "translations launchpad".

Dutch example: "Weet u zeker dat u alle programma's wilt afsluiten en de computer wilt herstarten?"

The dialog box

Then Google: "Weet u zeker dat u alle programma's wilt afsluiten en de computer wilt herstarten? translate launchpad"

Google the error

Choose a page (this is sometimes a bit tricky), and with a bit of luck you get a page that looks like this:


Hope this helps.

Note that this only works for programs that use launchpad for translations. But most Ubuntu programs do, so it's worth trying.

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You can run the program also from gnome-terminal with LANG=C in front of it, e.g. LANG=C <program-name>

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I am aware of that fact, but as I told, that error might not be reproducable. – NobbZ Apr 21 '15 at 14:35

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