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I'm trying to find an mp3 player which has "Add to Playlist/Enqueue" option for Ubuntu/Xubuntu. I'm looking for something similar to Winamp or Foobar. Thank you.

Note: Please don't suggest Foobnix, as it doesn't have "Add to Playlist" option.

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The obvious answer seems currently to be banshee as it is the default player. It has "Add to Play Queue" and "Play After" in the right-click menu and you can use drag-n-drop for the play queue and playlists as well.

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Have you tried Clementine? You can find it in the Software Center :)

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This is a repetition of the following question in Suggest mp3 player having minimum requirements. The question has well answered and it meets your requirement and some more as well. So follow it.

If by chance those answers are not satisfying, you can try installing python-nautilus package. It is a good python-plugin for nautilus and Rhythmbox that does both adding the file to the library (which is required for enqueue to work) and then enqueues the file.

For more information:

Hope these help you :)

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