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I would like to bring that top panel to bottom via command line. Is there any command to do that from terminal? I have searched everywhere, i haven't find one. Can any one share a command to bring the top panel to bottom?


I just prefer command line coz i have to do it in all remote machines. I know the way to bring the panel to bottom via GUI method.

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You should be able to use gconftool-2 to do this.

Using the GUI tool gconf-editor:

enter image description here

The top-panel is found in the key orientation in the path /apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0

You will see in the GUI tool the values this key takes - thus to force the top-panel to move to the bottom you would use:

gconftool-2 -t string -s /apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0/orientation "bottom"

the parameters are

  1. -t string which means the value to set is a string value
  2. -s which means set the key where this is the full path including the key-name
  3. "bottom" - this is the string value for the key
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