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I tried using a GParted 0.3 startup disk to resize my partition in order to create a swap partition (I had deleted it as I thought it an unneeded use of hd space, now I need it to use hibernation mode).

Unfortunately I could not do that as GParted reported a problem with the partition which I cannot recall exactly. It might have had to do with the master boot record or the file system, but I might be wrong as my memory is betraying me.

I took a screenshot using the GParted tool and it said that it was saved in /root. However, upon rebooting normally into my system I found no such screenshot when I accessed the /root folder (I did sudo nautilus in the terminal and accessed /root that way) I found no screenshot (if I'm looking in the incorrect folder and/or you know the name of the screenshot please tell me).

Some details:

Laptop make and model: Clevo M55N HDD: 60GB, one extended partition and one logical partition OS: Ubuntu 11.10 (exclusively) Bootloader: BURG

If you need any information to help me resolve this issue let me know.

Thanks beforehand.

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Have you tried using your Live-CD/USB? When you save a picture you need to mount the root drive and save it. There is no persistence on your Gparted-CD/USB it sounds. –  wojox Mar 31 '12 at 19:32
I have not tried that I believe. The problem is from a few months back and I eventually fixed the problem anyways. Yesterday I actually formatted again and installed 12.04 beta. –  Ederico Apr 2 '12 at 11:36

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