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I have a very simple question... Is it possible to install Ubuntu from a external harddrive? If it is where can I get information on to do it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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This should be possible using unetbootin.

There is also this tutorial

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Unetbootin will create a startup disk on an external drive but I prefer using usb-creator.exe for Windows.

It is made specificaly for installing Ubuntu to USB drives.

It can be extracted from the Ubuntu iso file using 7zip.

Alternatly, the Linux version, Startup Disk Creator, can be run from the Live CD or an existing Ubuntu install.

Don't forget to set your BIOS to boot this drive first.

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Just treat Your HD like an ordinary USB drive. You have a tutorial how to set up a bootable USB version on Ubuntu download website. The important thing then is to allow in BIOS to use Your HD as a booting device

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