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During the boot process, a disk check can be run, but during this process there is no indication or detailed information available to gauge how far along the process is.

Is there a way to display any information that would indicate how far along it is?

This is more a problem for server environments, rather then desktop environments. Looking for information around 10.04 LTS.

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Not really - the amount of time left is a function of how many problems are on the part of the filesystem that hasn't yet been checked. See man fsck

From man fsck:

   -C [  fd  ]
          Display  completion/progress  bars for those filesystem checkers (currently only for ext2 and
          ext3) which support them.   Fsck will manage the filesystem checkers so that only one of them
          will  display  a progress bar at a time.  GUI front-ends may specify a file descriptor fd, in
          which case the progress bar information will be sent to that file descriptor.
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Even a progress indicator on what inode/file or block out of the total the scan is on would be useful, but it sounds like nothing like that is provided. – Scott Markwell Dec 20 '11 at 18:07

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