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I want to remove my windows and recovery partition from under the devices so that no one accidentally edits them. I'm using ubuntu 11.10.

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what do you mean by from under the devices? – sum2000 Dec 19 '11 at 8:59

I am thinking by devices you mean under /dev like /dev/sdaX ,/dev/sdaY and so on. That I am afraid is not possible. You could follow bkzland's instructions and stop your those two NTFS drives (Windows partition & Recovery Partition) from auto-mounting on startup, if they do.

Another viable option using the fstab file is to limit the permissions of who can access/edit the two partitions. You could take a look at the Ubuntu Community Documentation on fstab to achieve any of these solutions.

Just to prevent other users from touching those partitions from the Nautilus side-bar, you could follow the instructions on this page and also this thread at to do that. I haven't tested either of them myself personally, but just saying that you could. But even then, your drives will show up in command-line tools like fdisk, blkid and such and also on disk-utility programs like Gparted partition editor and such.

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You probably want to edit your /etc/fstab file and exclude the automatically configured NTFS devices for your windows partitions. Just take a look in there and comment out the lines referencing any NTFS or windows partition. You will need to be root to edit this file using sudo su -. These settings will take effect after a reboot, you can also unmount them manually with umount and skip the reboot.

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