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Using Umbrello Version 2.7.4, when creating a new class, private/protected attributes are not shown in class diagram view while public are shown. I have verified that show attributes option is checked. Is this a known bug ? How it could be fixed ?

Problem seems to exists since 2.4.4:

Private/protected attributes should be present with a minus/tilde sign at the start of the line.

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I am running the latest Umbrello from SVN (as of 2012/01/20, r1274951) and you can right-click on your class and Uncheck Show->Public Only. You can also change this setting at the diagram properties level or in the global Umbrello settings. However, I don't know if this is available is earlier versions...

Hope this helps

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Also works on non-SVN version: right-click the class > properties > Display > Uncheck 'Public Only'. Private attribute are now be visible ;) – Édouard Lopez Jan 30 '12 at 13:46

In the version I am using, 2.11, you need to right-click on your class, go to properties->display and uncheck Public Only.

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