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I use ubuntu 11.10. I've tried to install nautilus action-3.1.5 with the software centre. It's been installed but doesn't start at all.

Then i've tried to install nautilus action-3.1.5 from source but when i do

./configure --with-gtk=3 --with-default-io-provider=na-desktop --disable-gconf

there is a problem with gconf:

checking for GCONF... no

configure: error: GCONF: condition gconf-2.0 >= 2.8.0 not satisfied

The same error's signalled if i do the simple command ./configure without paramethers. What can i do?

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See note from this answer: askubuntu.com/a/77285/3940 –  Takkat Dec 18 '11 at 9:11

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It will build fine on 11.10, you need to install libgconf2-dev

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This is a bug , just check the link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus-actions/+bug/822282


a fix for this, you must download the latest source from http://www.nautilus-actions.org/downloads/ and compile it with option --with-gtk=3 . It will work

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