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Possible Duplicate:
Simplest Debian Packaging Guide?

I have downloaded an application from here and extracted it on my desktop it runs fine if I go to the downloaded directory and run as

sudo ./postr

I want to add this to context menu,application menu how can I do so.This is not a .deb file how can I convert it to .deb?

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You don't need to do it yourself... It's in the repositories.
You can install it from the software centre.

If you still want the deb-file, run sudo apt-get download postr from a terminal.

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no I want the latest version which I downloaded I know it is in repos but I want to use the one I downloaded – Registered User Dec 17 '11 at 10:00
but the latest version is already in the repositories (0.12.4): - -- Unless you downloaded the source from the git repository? – medigeek Dec 17 '11 at 10:55
Isn't this the latest version? If it is, just use that one :p – RobinJ Dec 17 '11 at 11:35

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