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This is a follow up question to my prior thread. This solution works very well. However, after booting up, I only see a blinking cursor. Crtl+Alt+FX, where X=1..4 e.g. invokes a root Shell. I want this Shell to be there after the initial bootup, without having to invoke further keystrokes.

Problem is: we have an "automated keyboard" controller that just types. If it doesn't have a shell, its input is lost :) I know that this is a very specific problem... so I'm extra happy for any answer I get.

Thanks in advance, wishi

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In your previous post you say "I edited gdm.conf not to start.".

I think it can depend on how you modified that file, it is possible that you happen to go to the tty7 where gdm would start the X server, but without the X server started, so you have to change console to go to, say, tty1.

If you do not use it, it should be better to remove the gdm package.

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