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I wish to set up Transmission so that it always runs on my home wi-fi network, but does not when I'm connected to any other networks.

Is there a way to set things up so that this is the case?

Thank you.

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Write a script, call it check_transmission, save it in ~/bin/check_transmission


# Set your HOME_ESSID here, make note of single and double quotes

# Get your current MY_ESSID (network name)
MY_ESSID=$(iwconfig | awk '/ESSID {print $4}')

# Test if you are on your home network and if so
# Start Transmission
[ ${MY_ESSID} == ${HOME_ESSID} ] && transmission &

Make it executable

chmod u+x ~/check_transmission

Run gnome-session-properties and add it to your startup programs

(Use the "Add" button , put /home/your_user/check_transmission in the dialog)

enter image description here

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