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I'm trying to add an item to the nautilus context menu that would launch gnome-tweak-tool. Using Nautilus Actions Config Tool I've managed to add the item, however I want it to appear only when I right-click on the desktop, not in all folders. Could anyone please help me?

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You can do that with the "Only show in" option, try and look for it: it is available through the command line tools of nautilus-actions.

I would like to elaborate more with the GUI interface but I just can't get the Nautilus Actions Configuration Tool to work. It won't open and exits with an error of Trace/breakpoint trap, but that bug does not belong here.

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nautilus-actions was never upgraded properly in 11.10 for gtk3, it has been in 12.04 (3.1.4). So 11.10 users would need to build themselves or find a ppa. In 3.1.X the option in the gui is under the "Folders" tab – doug Jan 25 '12 at 3:18

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