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Sorry for the newb factor but I have two computers (one linux, one windows). I followed this directions on this website. And have been able to make it past the last step without any problems:

~$ smbclient -L

However my sambashare isn't showing in my network on Windows 7? Any advice on how I can get it to show up on my pc?

I believe I have properly configured everything in the network admin panel (url: by setting my linux machine as a static ip, etc...

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One small piece of advice, you are going to be better off following the Ubuntu documentation then the Slackware documentation.

On the samba server, check /etc/samba/smb.conf

in the [global] section , change your workgroup. I think the default windows workgroup is still WORKGROUP

workgroup = WORKGROUP

The guide you linked had you change the name to MYGROUP

See also

Ubuntu Server Guide Samba

Ubuntu wiki Samba Client Guide

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I have the same problem. Sometimes the samba drive does not show at all, sometimes after a (long) while.

If you know that your share is up and running, the easy workaround is to type in Explorer in the address line on top (mine shows >Libraries>):


If your samba is set up correctly, you may be prompted for username, password, etc. If you want you can let Windows 7 automatically connect the shared drive when you log in. Then your problem is solved.

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