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When I need to use Windows, I:

  1. Reboot
  2. Wait for the Grub boot menu to appear
  3. Choose the Windows menu item in Grub

Is there a way to just "reboot into" Windows so that I don't have to stay at the computer and guide it to the right operating system? i.e. Can I set the default menu item in Grub for just the next boot?

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This tutorial solves this problem:

From the aforementioned tutorial:

3. Now to reboot Ubuntu in Windows or some other OS, run the following command: sudo grub-reboot X

where X is the menuentry position (starting with 0 as the first entry) of the OS you want to restart in from the GRUB menu. So if Windows is the 4th option in the GRUB menu, you would run "sudo grub-reboot 3". You can also use the exact menu entry instead of the menuentry position (like "Windows 7 (on /dev/sda1)") but entering just a number should be easier to remember. The grub-reboot will set the default boot entry for the next boot only.

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Just edit these two lines:


and then choose windows OS from the grub menu. it will start automatically whenever you start your PC.

if you want add '0' to 'GRUB_TIMEOUT=' line ,and the menu will disapear :


Full answer: How can I undo the effects of grub-reboot?

PS: if you want to show the menu again, you have to press SHIF key during booting your PC

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This is not what I want to do. As my original question indicates, I only want to set the default menu item in Grub for just the next boot. – ændrük May 23 '11 at 12:55

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