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Why is the Java Development Environment for Emacs package in the multiverse repository? The software is available under the GPL.

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The jde package is in multiverse because historically, it required a non-free version of Java to work. Software that's available under a free license, but requires non-free software to work, is shipped in "contrib" in Debian, which maps to "multiverse" in Ubuntu.

It looks like jde no longer requires the non-free Java to work, so on that basis it could be moved to universe. Unfortunately, the package is also unmaintained in Debian, with the result that it depends on a number of other packages that are free but have been removed from the latest releases of Debian and Ubuntu (cedet-contrib, cogre, eieio, semantic, speedbar). This is documented as Debian bug #620341, which has remained unaddressed for half a year.

As long as the package is uninstallable there probably isn't any point to moving it to universe; but if you want this to be changed you can file a bug in Launchpad against the jde package and subscribe the ubuntu-archive team to the bug.

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