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i have a raid 1 configured by intel rapid storage from the bios.

with windows i have an application which manage the raid.

i read about intel rapid storage for linux and found that the option is to install mdadm.

now i'm trying to apply the configuration in ubuntu but i haven't found how to do it.

i don't want to break the raid or recreate it.

someone knows how to do it?

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dmraid is the primary toolset which drives platform independent software RAID aka "Fake RAID". mdadm can handle some of the fake RAID formats, you likely need to manually assemble the RAID. See man mdadm.

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ok, after determining again the situation, i've understood that my Intel Rapid Storage mirror RAID has been configured as dmraid because the first time i've configured it was for windows 7 (intel rapid storage software for windows support only dmraid variation).

i've managed to see the details by running "sudo dmraid -s".

my RAID device is listed as /dev/dm-0 (and linked from /dev/mapper/isw_[raid set]_[array's name from BIOS]

in case of failure, i saw that in order to rebuild the RAID one need to run "sudo dmraid -R [raid set]

"sudo dmraid -r" will show which devices listed as part of raid sets.

Intel Rapid Storage in Linux PDF

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a good article about intel rapid storage and dmraid: link – idgar Aug 10 '12 at 21:11

The recommended way to use Intel Matrix Storage Management capable drives is via mdadm

You can do so safely with mdadm in Quantal (3.2.5)

Or install the quantal version in precise (pending an sru)

Or you can compile from source.

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can you please explain in detail what is quantal? – idgar Aug 10 '12 at 19:39
@idgar the package named 'mdadm' can be used to setup Intel Matrix Storage Management. Sufficiently new version of this package is available in Quantal. – Dima Aug 11 '12 at 2:22
Yeah, but I cannot figure out the device names… – Csaba Toth Jul 4 at 18:26

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