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I have been trying this to no avail. I am a linux newb, so a step by step explanation would be greatly appreciated. I have two video cards, nvidia geforce 8600 gt . I want a monitor to run on each card, so twinview cannot be used because my understanding that is only for single video cards.

I went to the system monitors tab and my second display is detected but disabled. So I enabled it by clicking configure. It says switch to XScreen (requires restart of x server) and I set up my settings so that the new monitor is to the left of the main one. I apply the changes by updating the xorg.conf file which is what it says to do after you click apply.

When I reboot I cant even login to the desktop. The gui is all messed up and goes to the command line. It has to do apparently with the new changes made to the xorg.conf file so I have a back up and just put the old one back and then I can get back to the gui.

I have done this several times with several different variations of setting up the monitor and I run into the same problem. I even tried to restart gdm without rebooting and it actually does nothing or resets all the monitor configurations that I made.

Please help. I would like to use dual monitors in Ubuntu.

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Just switch back to an older version of Ubuntu, maybe 10.04 or 9.10, everything should work there. If you read anything about "Gnome 3" or "Unity" in this version, just go another version back.

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