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I have a dual-boot setup on my PC and I wanted to change the size of the partitions, to slowly migrate to use linux as my main OS with windows as secondary.

Before starting GParted I ran chkdist /f in windows and then rebooted, made sure all is well, and rebooted again with the LiveCD. I ran GParted and everything seemed okay, I changed partition sizes, and ran it.

(( NOTE: I got a note about potential GRUB problem, which I'm aware of, and I am ready with this GPartedFAQ link to fix http://gparted.org/display-doc.php?name=help-manual&lang=C#gparted-fix-grub-boot-problem ))

However, the screen went into screen saver mode, and it won't come out of it. I didn't want to reboot mid-operation so I went to sleep leaving it running to finish the operation.

It's now about 8 hours later. The monitor is still on screen saver, and won't come off it when I move my mouse or hit anything on my keyboard. I tried the shortcut for the terminal, but the screen won't budge.

My computer is still running - I have the power light on and the fan is still running. There are no particularly loud noises and I can't tell if the HD is running.

I saw some other questions about the screen going black after waking up, but that's not the case for me, and I have no way of checking fdisk or chkdisk or anything while the monitor is black.

Anyone has any idea? How can I know if it's safe to reboot?

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Sorry, change "Screen saver" to "Power saver" -- The monitor has orange light and is completely black while the computer is still on. Sorry for the mixup. –  mooeypoo Dec 14 '11 at 18:29
Hard to know as you are unable to access the system. How large is the partition you are resizing ? If you can, let it run another 12-24 hours (overkill I know) then if needed power off and reboot. If you have a problem let us know. –  bodhi.zazen Dec 14 '11 at 19:30
I guess I'll wait, but this is odd. I shut down the monitor itself and turned it back on -- it lit up correctly (with "Powering up" message) and then immediately went into "Power Save" mode as if the computer is shut down. The only indication I have that the comp is still running is the light on the power button and a very very faint sound of one of the fans. I don't think the hard drive is even working anymore. –  mooeypoo Dec 14 '11 at 20:33
yea, probably not doing anything with the disk, but interrupting disk activity is a sure path to data loss/recovery. –  bodhi.zazen Dec 14 '11 at 21:06

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