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We are using Qt Assistant as our help system for a custom application that will run on Ubuntu. In building the .deb package, I need to include a "Requires:" value that makes my package dependent on the Qt Assistant package being installed.

Right now I am using qt4-dev-tools, and it works, but this package is huge because it includes a whole lot of other tools that I don't need at all.

What package do I require to get only Qt Assistant installed?

Also, if you could explain how you found the answer, I'd appreciate it. Poking around the Ubuntu package search isn't very efficient .. are there some apt-get commands that help here?

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The binary assistant-qt4 is part of packages (oneiric) /1/ :

  • qt4-dev-tools
  • qt4-bin-dbg

Both packages are build from the Qt sources (

You could download the sources and add a new package: only-qt-assistant.

Links: 1.

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I have encountered an application package (Freecad) installed in Ubuntu 12.04 with this unresolved dependency and had to figure out what packages to install. The help system needed to find /bin/qtassisant for its help system. If you'd like to see for yourself, the version of the package freecad which I installed was 0.12.5284-dfsg-5ubuntu1

To resolve this I installed qt4-dev-tools without recommends using this commandline:

sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install qt4-dev-tools

This provided qtassistant but not in the desired location or form, so I created a link. Using a terminal I typed the following lines:

cd /bin
sudo ln -T /usr/bin/assistant-qt4 qtassistant

Finally the application's package did not include documentation, so I then typed:

sudo apt-get install freecad-doc

In addition my application (Freecad) needed and did not provide OPENGL (so I installed it), but that is outside the scope of this topic.

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