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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 (Desctop i386) alongside Window 7.

After installation notebook don't boot: after BIOS loading i see just black screen and blinking cursor and nothing is going on.

If i press and hold SHIFT when notebook is loading, i see message "GRUB loading." and blinking cursor, that's all.

Notebook: Asus A6 1.7GHz PentiumM/RAM 2Gb/HDD 60Gb/ ATI X700 128Mb

I have 1st partition with Win7 (primary, boot), then Ubuntu ext4 (logical), then swap(logical) and another partition NTFS (logical). Ubuntu partition is automatically created by installer.

I tried next actions without success (same result):

  • Reinstall GRUB different ways (

  • Reverting to GRUB Legacy (

  • Reinstall with different distributives: "ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso" and "ubuntu-11.10-alternate-i386.iso"

  • When i tried "ubuntu-11.10-alternate-i386.iso" second times, i created partition manualy and i made partition for Ubuntu primary and bootable. same result.

  • EaseBCD didn't help.

  • Check HDD - no errors, no bad sectors.

Now i fix MBR and can boot in Win7 but still i can't load Ubuntu.

Have any tips?

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There's something wrong with Ubuntu 11.10 that keeps some machines (like mine) from booting after installing. :( – Alejandro Iglesias Dec 14 '11 at 19:39
Please file a bug: – poolie Feb 1 '12 at 2:45